Entrepreneur Solutions

Strategy Solutions

Starting and managing a business can be challenging with many hurdles, learnings and tons of strategic support needed for SMME owners to succeed. Our strategy team provides services to SMME Owners comprising of the following:

1. Business strategy and operations consulting

2. SMME stage-of-maturity assessment and monitoring

3. Enterprise development

4. Growth-path strategy advisory and implementation services

Accounting, Tax and Financial Management Solutions

We take pride in setting up SMMEs for financial success by building an infrastructure and committing to managing accounting, tax and financial management needs. We achieve this by:

1. Preparing monthly, quarterly and/or annual audited financial statements of SMMEs

2. Providing personal and business tax advisory and support

3. Preparing budgets, forecasts and financial ratio development

4. Catering to SMME accounting and finance needs through advisory services.

Creative Solutions

Our dynamic and qualified team of creative professionals have abilities of helping you reach your branding and marketing objectives through our suite of creative solutions. These include but are not limited to:

1. Video and Animation Services

2. Digital Marketing Management (including Social Media Management)

3. Workshop Program Facilitation

4. Experiential and Influential Marketing

5. Supply of Branded Items

6. Graphic Design Work

Corporate Stakeholder Solutions

Corporate Stakeholder Services

Our team of qualified professionals have abilities of helping medium-to-large sized enterprises reach their operational, financial and strategic objectives by providing the following:

1. Enterprise and Supplier Development Strategy Framework Design and Implementation

2. Organisational Young Talent Management Strategy Design and Implementation

3. Management Audits - including IT, Finance and Process Audits

4. SMME and Young Talent Recruitment Strategy Development and Implementation

5. Impact Monitoring and Reporting

6. Specialised Corporate Workshop and Events Facilitation - including skills development workshops and wellness events

7. Supply of Branded Items

What Our Experience Taught Us

Previously serving as a branding solutions partner to some of South Africa’s most respected corporates and Africa’s SMMEs, RR Creative Solutions has recognised two challenges these environments:

1. Large African enterprises and agencies struggle to attract and retain high-performers (especially of the millennial segment) to manage the operations and growth of large enterprises.

2. SMMEs across Africa struggle to gain access to: (a) market opportunities, (b) finance and (c) business-support programmes.

Our team at RR Creative Solutions discovered that the large African enterprise challenges attribute to high-performers being more aware of the value of their skill-sets and thus building the confidence to run and manage their own small or medium sized businesses on a full-time basis. To compensate for both challenges, we propose a different approach to capacitating the business needs of large African enterprises by connecting the dots.

What We Do

RR Creative Solutions is a youth black-owned business services consultancy with a network of young, skilled and inspired entrepreneurs - to cater for your strategic and operational needs.

How? RR Creative Solutions partners with various corporates, institutions and government agencies to provide opportunities for entrepreneurs and their small-to-medium enterprises (SMMEs) by providing access to market opportunities for the SMMEs, continuously empowering SMME owners and monitoring the social and business impact created by the SMMEs for your organisation.

Three Core Corporate and Government Offerings

1. Help You Meet Your Strategic and Operational Goals

We help you meet your strategic and operational goals by connecting you to skilled and innovative SMMEs. Once the collective SMMEs in our network have been capacitated by our enterprise development partners to manage and operate a business of your magnitude, we help you meet your strategic objectives by linking you with the relevant SMMEs to service your business needs – thus providing access to opportunities for SMMEs in your value-chain.

2. Empower Your Suppliers

Our research has proven that empowerment efforts are better realised when capacity building is linked to SMME access to markets as well as access to finance. We are your partner in connecting the dots by linking you and your existing suppliers to our enterprise development and finance partners who together with your organisation will help empower SMMEs in your value-chain.

3. Impact Monitor SMME Impact

The South African Parliamentary government (otherwise known as the cabinet) decided on the need for consistent assessment of the socio-economic impact of policy initiatives. The approval followed a study commissioned by the Presidency and the National Treasure in response to failure in some cases to understand the full costs of regulations and especially the impact on the economy. RR Creative Solutions contributes to the policy initiatives objective by assisting your organisation comply by monitoring the impact which realised by our SMMEs in your enterprise by use of our 4-step monitoring tool.

Why Choose RR Creative Solutions As Your SME Implementation Partner

We are well positioned as your SMME implementation partner to assist your organisation achieve its strategic goals through collaborative efforts with enterprise development programmes, funders, freelancers and consultants.

Investor Solutions

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